Il Tool-Kit flowknow®

The flowknow Tool-kit is presented as a box composed of different tools that can be used to facilitate the Business Coaching sessions. Its originality and practicality of use make it accessible both in paper and in digital format.

The Tool of flowknow® includes

The Competence Cards

60 cards featuring managerial skills accompanied by an image to identify and work on Business Coaching skills. Exactly like playing cards, they are categorized into four suits representing areas of technical, relational, managerial, and implementation skills.

The cards
d Emotions

60 cards depicting the names of emotions, photos of contemporary works of art, and an overview of different shades of color. They perform the function of creating in the recipient the awareness of his emotionality, of how much this is fundamental in the working environment, and allow to read his working context from another point of view.

The dictionary of the Skills

The Dictionary, in Business Coaching, represents a tremendous instrument of job to develop the abilities of the single ones and the teams. The Dictionary declines the 60 abilities of roles, presented in the cards deck of the Skills, in observable behaviors. From the comparison between the competencies required by the role and those possessed, a reflection process is initiated that aims to develop awareness and motivate learning towards change.

The dictionary of Emotions

The Dictionary of Emotions includes a short manual on the use of the two decks of cards, a compendium on flowknow methodology, and the anthology of emotions, which have been divided into eight main categories: love, anger, shame, disgust, surprise, fear, joy, and sadness. The 60 emotions are described starting from their origin and are accompanied by questions useful to explore the emotional dimension during the Business Coaching sessions.

Would you like to experience a short Self Coaching exercise using flowknow® cards?

We will accompany you on a quick journey to discover an important skill for your role.

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