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It is a Business Coaching method that uses flowknow cards, born from practical experimentation on Business Coaching clients.
The cards have been developed to facilitate 1 to1, and team Coaching pathways.
They can be used to conceive, create and search for innovative solutions to Business Coaching challenges, using a visual tool as a stimulate to give alternative perspectives to the person’s thought process and emotional development.
The visual element activates lateral thinking and the right hemisphere of the brain to achieve maximum work performance.

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The objective of this methodology is to support the speaker in achieving a greater awareness of his organization, his competencies and to master his emotional sphere. The Expert in the course of flowknow Business Coaching Cards, allows you to learn how to utilize the cards referencing, by sharing past practical exercises, already experienced both in a team context and to manage 1:1 Business Coaching sessions.

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What do they say about us?

"I routinely use the flowknow kit and find it extremely powerful and versatile in the various cycles of group development, both in training, in performing, and in consolidating meanings."

Rossella Iannucci

CTA-O, Advanced Professional Counsellor CNCP, Business Coach, PCC-ICF

"The flowknow method allows me to help Coachees gain an alternative view of a situation and themselves. Processing at a deeper level activates their creativity and intuition, which is essential to finding new solutions. I use the method in individual Business Coaching and Team Coaching with great results."

Marianne Fröberg

Business Advisor, Principal, Management Consultant

"In Business, there is a tendency to avoid emotions. Emotion cards are a terrific tool for the constructive management of emotional states and allow one to recognize their nuances. After two or three sessions the person begins to identify himself in the cards, the emotions he is experiencing and the evolution of them."

Massimo Bonello

Senior Business Coach e Human Resources Strategy Advisor

An artist in the wrong place can be the right thing for everyone

Anja Puntari
Artist, Senior Business Coach in Performant by SCOA e Lecturer SCOA

How was flowknow® born?

As soon as you enter a company, an office, or a studio, the emotions that inhabit us are felt, as well as those of the people we meet at work and on the job.
Undoubtedly, to us Business Coaches, the emotions of our Coachees arrive abundant during the Coaching sessions. From this evidence, the idea of creating a tool of facilitation was born so that, through the allegory of the game, emotions are accepted as a structural part of our actions.

The first draft of the flowknow cards was made in 2013, then exclusively dedicated to managerial skills. The kit of flowknow® cards was presented on the occasion of the workshop 'Sento dunque posso', held at the Venice Biennale 2017.

For this context of contemporary art, we wanted to create a new "tool kit" that contained both the flowknow® deck of cards of managerial skills and the new flowknow deck of cards dedicated to emotions through works of art, with the corresponding dictionaries to assist and analyze it.

The challenge is to look for a cross-over between the world of art and the world of business, two spheres far apart, yet closer than they seem.

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